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News Releases

This page lists announcements that have been released to news and various other media sources in the latest order.
01.05 XaviXPORTs donated to 66 Day Service Centers in Fukui Prefecture
12.14 XaviXPORTs donated to 142 Day Service Centers in Tokyo
10.24 XaviXPORTs donated to 300 Day Service Centers in Kyoto Prefecture
10.18 XaviXPORTs donated to Elderly Day Service Centers in Shiga Prefecture
10.16 SSD Healthcare Equipment installed at Kusatsu City "Sawayaka" Health Centers
08.11 XaviXPORTs donated to 180 Elderly Welfare and Health Care Centers in Kyoto Prefecture
08.04 Joint development of new-theory products that allow users to train their mind and body
07.21 XaviXAERO CHECK&BALANCE (JS2-0011) put on sale
06.06 XaviXPORT applications introduced in "Health & Fitness 2000" for the elderly
03.23 Concept of XaviXPORT system announced and 2008 new products demonstrated
02.14 XaviXPORT applications TOMY/Japan
10.20 XaviXGOLF (PT2-GLF1) put on sale
10.20 XaviXBASEBALL (PT2-BBL1) put on sale
09.07 Message from Jackie Chan - Press Conference JCX Company Limited launched with start of JCS (Jackie Chan Studio)
09.06 XaviXPORT (PT2-1001) put on sale
09.06 XaviXAEROBICS (PT2-MAT1) put on sale
09.06 XaviXBOXING (PT2-BOX11) put on sale
09.06 XaviXTENNIS (PT2-TNS1) put on sale
09.06 XaviXBOWLING (PT2-BWL1) put on sale
01.06 International Consumer Electronics Show 2005
President Addresses in Press Conference
JackieChanXaviX Press Conference

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