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Employment Info

We are looking for those willing to make the world a better place by developing new technology that helps people

SSD is an R&D company specializing in creating products familiar to us all using high-grade technology.
Our technology aids people in the areas of toys and games, too. We have put onto the market many licensed goods that pioneer the area of TV-interfaced toys such as "hands-on sports games."
The goods that support families' health and allow them to enjoy themselves in the comfort of their homes are our message to our customers.

Around a motto of "Satisfaction through Low Price and High Quality," SSD provides "total technology” that integrates everything from product planning and development through to production and marketing.
We extend a warm welcome to those who approve of our company's philosophy, who would like to try their hand at contributing to the joy and happiness of others and who would like to help create a better future.

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